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Fire Starters

Fire Starters is a 5 month spiritual gifts training where participants learn and are activated in the prophetic, healing, words of knowledge, power evangelism and deliverance. Participants can expect to be put in position to evangelize, participate in practical prophetic exercises with other participants, and learn what the Bible says about the topics covered. Contact Becky Perez our Fire Starters Director for more info.




To Equip in Leadership, Spiritual Gifts, and Evangelism

We want to equip believers in leadership, spiritual gifts, and evangelism, so they can create change in the community. We believe that every believer is a leader, we believe that every believer has the ability to set their world on fire with the Gospel. In order for the local church to fulfill the calling God has placed on it they must be filled with the Holy Ghost and be made aware of the spiritual gifts within, so that they can walk in them. We have a conviction to not only raise up spiritual people, but also to temper them with a biblical leadership mindset which is centered around love. 


To Inspire through Biblical Knowledge,  Free Environment, and Holy Spirit Encounters

We inspire believers by teaching them biblical knowledge in critically important topics such as prophecy, deliverance, and healing. In our classes, we create an environment where participants can experience God’s power by using their spiritual gifts and helping them to engage with the Holy Spirit through authentic encounters with Him. 


To Provoke, Engagement, Spiritual Growth, and Change

We want to provoke engagement in the Body of Christ. We believe that God is calling His people to be engaged in producing His will on the Earth. Growth is essential for maturing as a believer in Christ. The first step to spiritual growth in our walk with God is to be challenged. We desire to challenge every Fire Starter not be complacent with where they are now, but to desire more in their walk with Christ. We believe that change happens when we are no longer comfortable, but a demand is placed on us for more. 


To Create Movement, Bible Culture, and Authentic Christ Followers

We want to create a movement of believers that are sure of the purpose God has placed upon their life. In order for us to create genuine movement sparked by the Holy Spirit we must return to Bible Culture. When we submit ourselves to Biblical Culture it will in turn create authentic Christ followers.

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