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Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is a 4 and a half month program that disciples and mentors Urban Story Family in Biblical Doctrine, Spiritual Gifts, and Evangelism. We also meet practical needs like employment, housing, and transportation for participants through strategic partners. Kingdom Builders also opens up opportunities for learning new skills.



Phase 1 

We lay a solid

foundation of the word of God, with a clear understanding of the Gospel. We do this by creating small groups run by Urban Story leaders, who prepare new believers to enter into the local church for greater spiritual growth.


Most people need real answers to real questions or they will never take the next step of faith. Harvesting new believers takes practice and patience. Nothing will happen overnight when it is rushed and inauthentic..


Phase 2

We activate new

believers in the spiritual gifts through training in the prophetic, healing, and words of knowledge. This is important because it gives power to the gospel and provides tools for evangelism.


Activation is important because it empowers the believer to walk in their full purpose and destiny.


Phase 3

We engage participants in hands-on evangelistic outreach, by taking them into the urban community where they live and allowing them to practice the things that they've learned.


This is the first step in creating indigenous leaders.

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