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Behind the Scenes

Urban Story was founded in 2016, with a Sidewalk Sunday School program in our Cul-De-Sacs Neighborhood where the Spirit of God fell in a mighty way. Healings, Prophecy, and Signs and Wonders began to take place not only in the apartments, but also in the streets and markets nearby. This turned into a movement of young people clamoring to learn about Jesus. Kids began to participate in the move of God by laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. This produced a harvest of young people desiring to go to church. Urban Story was created as a resource to properly train and teach the local church in bridging the gap with the inner-city community. Our goal is to aid in facilitating the harvest that God is bringing us from the urban communities across America. We believe that revival is getting ready to spring forth from places of obscurity across this nation and worldwide. Are you ready?

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